Since our start in 2014, education, inspiration and awareness have been at the forefront of our mission. Because of this, our nonprofit will always be the most important cornerstone of Bee Downtown.



Our Mission

Pollinators play an integral role in our ecosystem. Without them, we can say goodbye to 90% of the world's food supply. Did you know honeybees are the world's only pollinator of almonds? A little knowledge goes a long way, and we hope that by teaching the community, especially younger generations, about bees, agriculture and sustainability, we can make a lasting change and prevent further honeybee decline.

Every third bite of food you eat is from a honeybee.


Through grants, fundraisers and donations, we are able to expand our reach and create a ripple effect. With your help, we are able to speak in as many classrooms as we can across North Carolina, supply resources about bees and sustainable agriculture to our partners, hold free community events throughout the year, and provide educational materials for everyone to use. We want to see that "wow!" moment on a child's face when we come to their class for the first time with a clear observation beehive. We yearn to teach classes that promote sustainability and honeybee health to our businesses. We will talk to anyone and everyone, because we know we can make a difference and are determined to do so.