You can make a difference.

With your generous donations, we are able to go to even more schools and hold even more events for the community where we can share abundant information about pollinators and sustainability. Donations create opportunities. Those opportunities come in the form of education, and that education sparks change and inspiration. 

Together, we can do this. Check out what your donation does below! Then click the yellow "donate" button to donate.


Donation Pollinator levels

Egg: $25

Let's celebrate! You were just born from the queen. You will grow up to help maintain the hive and pollinate the earth. The "EGG" level contributions go towards purchasing new materials for our interactive sessions with elementary and middle school children. Thank you!


Larvae: $50

Your "LARVAE" donation of fifty dollars goes a long way. In the hive, larvae ensure the hive has a future. You start out as an egg, then you are nurtured into a larvae, only to grow and grow until you are a healthy worker bee! With $50, you are helping us get to an extra school in a given week. Thank you so much!


Worker Bee: $100

The "WORKER BEE" level is a much appreciated level. Worker bees are the ones that make honey, beeswax and internal hive warmth. In summary, they physically maintain the hive and keep it running all by themselves year round. With this money, we are able to hold more events for the community and educate people about what it means to be pollinator friendly. Many, many thanks to you!


Queen: $200

If you donate $200, you are considered a level "QUEEN" donor. The queen of a beehive lays all of the eggs, and has the ability to start her own hive once her current hive has grown extremely large. Educational materials, demos, events, classroom sessions and more are subsidized by your donation.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Bee Keeper: $500

Holy smokes! As a "BEE KEEPER," you are out there in the fields, collecting honey like a pro and caring for our precious honeybees. Without you, honeybee populations would be declining even faster than they already are. With this extremely generous donation, you will have a queen bee named after you, you will provide educational materials that will aid us in every classroom, we will be able to travel more often, and we will be able to travel to an even wider range of towns and cities to educate the public about our pollinators. We cannot thank you enough, and neither can the bees!


Donate your own amount

Any and all donations help. No matter what you decide to give, you are making a difference! We appreciate you and your generosity.